Professional Local Painters serving Klang Valley and surrounding areas for both Commercial buildings and Residential homes.

  • Fast and Reliable
  • Comes with a 7-day Workmanship Warranty
  • Work within Budget and Tight Deadlines
  • Eco-friendly and Clean working area
  • Free Color Consultations

Fresh coats of paint not only can personalise and give you a brand-new look, it also helps increase the property values as well.

Are you ready to make a change?

Reasons why many owners are happily engaging us:

Monitor & Inspect

All jobs are done only by experienced painters and will be carefully inspected by appointed project supervisors.

Color Consultant

Get consult from our experienced interior designers if you encounter any difficulties with any of the color selections.

7-day Workmanship Warranty

Backed with a 7-day workmanship warranty period after the completion. We are not satisfied with our work until you are.

Odorless & Easy Wash Paint

Use only odorless and easy-wash water-based paints for all interior walls - safe for children and is VOC (Volatile organic compounds) free.

Areas that our professional painters are specialised in:

  • Interior wall painting,
  • Exterior wall painting,
  • Ceiling painting,
  • Door, Window and Grill painting,
  • Patch, repair for holes, cracks and skimming of wavy surfaces (walls)

The important benefits of getting your walls painted and updated.

  • To increase property values for both long-term rental and short stay e.g. Airbnb purposes, and also property selling.
  • To add character and personality especially to your interior premises.
  • To beautifies from old, existing building to a new, fresh and brand-new look.
  • For preventive maintenance to the surfaces especially external damages caused by weather e.g cracking, mould, peeling, corosions (metal parts) and much more.

Wait! Please read the following Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs) for more information about us.

Question: What types of paints and brands are best?

Answer: We normally use both Nippon and Jotun Paint brands for its paint quality and consistency.

They are easily available and more durable towards harsh outdoor weather conditions in Malaysia.

These paint brands also provide nice end finishing on all types of painted surfaces, be it on wall, doors, iron grills or frames.

For interior walls, we use only odorless and easy-wash water-based paint. Maxilite brand is used for all ceiling painting.

Jotun Paint    Nippon Paint

Question: Who purchases the paints and materials?

Answer: Our project supervisors will help to purchase the paints and materials for several reasons below.

  • Get better pricing from many local paint stores.
  • More familiar and satisfied with the paint quality of our choice, thus we can provide a workmanship warranty to the job done.
  • We handle all the nitty-gritty stuff especially buying and transporting more paints and/or materials when is needed.

Question:How long does the painting process take?

Answer: Depending on the size of the job scope required, a typical residential unit of 1000-2000 sqft only requires 3-4 days of work.

Question: Do you remove wallpaper?

Answer: Depends. We need to inspect the wallpaper to be removed first.

Question: Who moves and/or covers the furniture?

Answer: Our painters will help to move any large furniture or items. We also cover all floors and furniture prior to painting.

You may help out to move any small, important or easily breakable items (if any) during the relocation.

Question: Do you cover nail holes, mould, cracks, wall peeling or wavy walls?

Answer: Yes, we will patch all holes and cracks. We also remove all old, peeling layers and skim wavy walls prior to painting.

Question: What colour selection tips and ideas can you give me?

Answer: Color selections can either make your walls look great or possibly turn them into a disaster.

Using colors is nothing to be afraid of. Living without colors is like living without Love. It invoke so many emotions.

Here are some quick tips and ideas that give your walls the awesomeness you need.

  • Select your favorite theme: use warm, neutral or cool colors for the entire premise or use them in different individual rooms, e.g kids' room, masterbed room, study room, living room, dining area etc.

    If you want your daughter's room to be more warmer and more girlish, then pink could be a great theme to have. The clever use of earthly colors like beige is best used in the study or living room for a more relaxed and homey feeling.
  • Use single or color combinations (with color palettes) to further enhance the characteristic (mood) of the internal ambiance from:
    • monochromatic shades of hue - for simplicity and harmony,
    • contrasting colors - for modern and contemporary, or
    • vibrant colors - for inspirational, trendy and/or sophisticated (mixed) vibes

  • Create an accent wall (also known as a feature wall) as the main focus, where color and/or paint texture is differs from other walls in the room or hall.
  • What if you’re still afraid to use color? Then the safest choice is to use either plain white or off-white shades for all walls. It’s a universal color that not only makes the space look bigger, brighter and cleaner, but it is also a great choice if you’re planning to rent or sell the premises.
  • Last, get our friendly interior designers to help out if you can’t decide which colors to choose. They are always ready to help.

How we organise our work

Here are 5 simple steps to ensure you're getting the maximum results from us.

Step1: Enquire

Step1: Enquire

Tell us what you need us to do via the enquiry form below. Else, kindly contact +60163023773 (Mr Raymond Yew) for immediate response.

Step2: Quotation

Step2: Get A Quote

Our representative will then issue you the price quote (with an estimated duration needed) based on the required job done. A site inspection may be required.

Step3: Confirmation

Step3: Confirmation

Upon confirmation, a 50% deposit will be collected before commencing the said job. The remaining 50% will only be collected upon handover.

Step4: Delivery

Step4: Delivery

A typical 1000-2000 sqft area would take approximately 3-4 days to complete. All floors and furniture (if any) will be properly covered prior to painting.

Step5: Warranty

Step5: Warranty

A 7-day of Workmanship warranty coverage will start immediately after the handover.

White Otter Atelier PLT (LLP0023243-LGN) - A renovation company, with over 6 years of experience in the design-build industry that specialises in these areas:

  • Interior design,
  • Interior staging,
  • Demolitions and renovations,
  • New extensions, and
  • Authority submissions.

Painting service is one of many sub-divisions of our core business we are highly involved in.

All our professional painters are based within Klang Valley to cater for both commercial and residential need.

  • Landed bungalows, semi-Ds and terraces,
  • High rise apartment and condominium units,
  • Commercial shop lots, F&Bs retails and offices, and
  • Factories.

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